I wish to appear on the November ballot as a candidate representing the Libertarian Party and my district, the 110th.   This is contrary to the established duopoly of the Democrat and Republican parties. That is the very reason I am a candidate, we the people, deserve a choice.

For over a century the Democrat and Republican parties have dominated politics, at all levels, in The United States. Two parties controlling it all. Even as each of those parties have evolved the truth that two and only two parties control the destiny of this nation is unchanged. The conflict is nothing more than a grab for power. History has shown that there is no difference. Our liberty is being drained away to satisfy the elite one drop at a time.

I believe that our rights are fundamental. As our Declaration of Independence so beautifully stated, We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights. That wording may be subject to some interpretation in historical context. Yes, in the 18th century context all men are created equal could be read today as all people are created equal. We should not dwell on that; the key point is endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights. We should be free to do as we feel necessary as long as we do not deny or disparage the rights of others. Are your Unalienable Rights being protected?

Are you free to peaceably to assemble? Free to exercise your religion? Ask anyone who is part of a cell church or home church that has been confronted by local governments about alleged zoning violations that question.

This could go on for pages of examples of how our Unalienable Rights are systematically being violated by the entrenched powers that govern this nation. Your right to keep and bear arms in defense of yourself and your community. The right to vote. The right to be secure in your property and communications. All are being eroded by the traditional Democrat and Republican parties

I am a candidate for office because I believe that you are the most qualified person to run your life. I believe that we deserve a true choice for our elected officials. Your support can change the future, your opinion is important.

Be Informed and Be Free.

Larry Frey, Libertarian for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives 110th District